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Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration

Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Issue 24 February 2012 Out Now!

Hows your mind?

Do you struggle with positive thoughts. In today's society we are constantly bombarded with negativity. There are the negative comments made to us by others, the negative actions of those we relate to on a daily basis and the negativity that is thrown at us via mainstream media. It is unrealistic for us to think that we can be positive at all times. We need to accept that as tiredness sets in the negativity around us is harder to keep at bay. When times seem tough it is not always possible to pick up the positivity automatically. All we can do is relax, not allowing the negativity to take control. We need to recognise the early warning signs when they creep up and kiss the negativity goodbye.

This month, on page 9, we bring you an article on how to surround yourself with positive people. This includes 5 great tips on how to find a more positive you via those around you. It looks at focusing on your own behaviour, evaluating the people in your life and seeking companions who are positive. A short article but a great one to refresh your mind and get you back on track.

To compliment this article Peter Nicholls helps us learn how to promote positive human behaviour. Turn to page 10 where Peter looks at both the positive and negative human behaviours and how they influence us.

Have you been struggling a little already this year? If so turn to page 11 where Ron Prasad sets out to inspire us to achieve more in his article 7 steps to creating a more rewarding 2012.

This month sees us end our second year of Good Gabble and begin our third. One dream,one team and the unity of those who are like minded have allowed us to fill our world with supportive contributors and readers who we admire and appreciate. Thank you all! Here's to many, many more issues.

If we can do it so can you!

Believe in yourself and the power of your mind. One only need dream to achieve.

Until next month: Live Well.......Love much........Laugh Often........

Jennifer Deaves

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