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Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration

Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Gabble

Good Gabble is an independently owned 100% Australian non-denominational monthly newzine. An innovative idea that came to birth when its founders realised that mainstream media focused highly on the misdemeanours, unfortunate circumstances and suffering within society. We feel the dig dirt and trash attitude of today’s media wears responsibility for the attitudes and views within society.

A combination of newspaper, newsletter and magazine Good Gabble shows pizzazz and style, leading the way in magazine innovation. Its relaxed format, newsletter style binding and low cost pricing allows for easy reading and affordability. Those who need the boost of self esteem and the feel good jolt are those who are jostling their daily lives, struggling with the grind of living and the pinches of life. A newzine format caters for those who wish to grab snippets of information on the go and those who wish to relax and soak in the longer more informative article. Included are features to read now and those to read later. Although binded in newsletter format this does not take away the professionalism or quality of the product but means less material usage, handling of product and uses of resources for its production. The concept of the simple things in life are often the best is embraced. Good Gabble is not about life being one of competition and having what the ‘Jones’ have but about individuality and acceptance of who we are and our role within society.
With a core target aged 25+ Good Gabble integrates faith in our society with real life. It aims to enlighten ones mind, body and soul whilst creating a newzine that takes one to all places positive. It is a place where recognition is given to the positive aspects of life.
Each month Good Gabble turns its back on the mainstream media, reporting only of news that shares of joy, achievement and hope. It is a place that does not judge, accepts all, welcomes and celebrates the joy of the goodwill of man. This is a place for readers to relax and rejoice knowing that there is good happening in this vast land. This is a celebration of those who stand above the rest striving to make a difference, no matter how big or small. It is recognition of the kindness, respect and love in this world that, too often, gets left behind. It is of articles that will inspire and motivate.

Some of our regular features include:

* Positive Prattle - topics of positive thoughts and guiding words.

* Carers Corner - A celebration of those who go beyond the call of duty caring for  
    their loved one. This is in recognition of carers young, old and multicultural.

* Innovative Industries - Recognition of industries worldwide who are putting in that
   extra effort toward their employees, society and the environment.

* Events Calendar -  happenings around Australia that support good causes and organisations.

* Monthly competitions.

* Positive affirmations and quotes.

* Recipes for a healthy body and mind.

* Real life stories of bravery, love, compassion and courteousy. Based mainly on
   stories submitted by the community Good Gabble is a place for all to share
   their joy and hope and to pay recognition to good that has happened within their life. 
   It is a place to share ideas, thoughts and positive outlooks with others creating
   an environment where the reader feels at ease, welcome and accepted.
* Just to say thanks - A place for those within the community to say thank you to
   someone who has gone out of their way to do something good for them.

* Voice of a volunteer - Recognition of those who volunteer their time within their
    community helping others.

* Smart Talk - talks about ways of making little changes to the way
    you think and act that may help financially, mentally and environmentally.

* Oozing Art - stories of art and artists that heal, inspire and create.

* Aboriginal Appreciation - Articles written by the Aboriginal community about art, culture and life.

* Poetry - A celebration of words that help us heal, create positivity and give faith.

* Entertainment Review - reviews of DVD's, games and books.

* Kids Only - a place of activities to relax the mind and soul of children.

  We are currently seeking volunteers who would like to join us and become part of a new growing media industry. Contributions can range from joining us in design, layout and decision making to contributing articles and photographs. Do you know of someone who contributes to society in a positive manner making a difference to others or the environment? Maybe you know of a business that show’s initiative and drive that contributes positively to our society? Would you like to say thank you to someone who helped you in a time of need? Do you know of someone who volunteers services to help their community?

  Like all new ventures the support of the community is important to us. Financial support is important, with Good Gabble currently being funded privately and through subscriptions. In order to grow and be successful we are seeking support in the means of sponsorship, advertisement and competition donations from businesses within Australia. If you know of a business that may be able to help please pass on our information. An advertising media kit can be obtained by contacting our office.

Our Goals and Philosophies

- To provide an innovative and fresh idea to the magazine sales
of Australia.

- To introduce the new concept of a newzine to society.

- To gain sponsorship, paid advertising and support from Australian businesses.

- To provide a newzine that is informative, interesting and enlightening.

- To provide a piece of reading material that is affordable to all.

- To grow in strength and subscription on a monthly basis.

- To consider all environmental issues with the production of each edition.

- To always listen to our readers.

- To continue to provide professional simplicity.

- Too never loose sight of the ‘little man’ and the important role he plays within
society. Without this ‘little man’ the  ‘big man’ would not be where he is.

- To continue to provide advertisement that is affordable and within reach of the smaller businesses.

- To be able to change the lives of the struggling, disadvantaged and unemployed by offering work skills employment and  training.

- To be able to offer a percentage of profits and sponsorship to organisations that make a difference within society.

- To never loose sight of our dream of a society where positivity is the norm and negativity is long forgotten.