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Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration

Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Gabble now available as e-newzine

  Good Gabble is now available as an e-newzine as well as in hard copy. This allows us to not only meet the needs and preferences of all our readers but help save the environment and keep our costs at prices suitable to all.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Join others and discuss the puzzles in issue 1 on Facebook

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Maze solution issue 1 - Have you done the maze ? No cheating!

Logic Puzzle issue one - solution ( if you haven't done the puzzle don't peek )

Charlie committed the terrible crime. The way to solve this puzzle is to look at each clue. We know that exactly one of each person's statements is true. Looking at Arnold's statements, let's check to see 'it was Brian' is true? If 'it was Brian' is true, then we know the other statement is false, therefore it was Edward. This is a contradiction. Hence we now know it wasn't Brian, nor Edward (as 'it wasn't Edward' must be the true statement). Looking at Charlie's statement, we can similarly determine that it wasn't Arnold either. Edward's statement gives us that it wasn't Derek, which leaves only Charlie as the culprit. It is always wise to check this against the other clues.

Issue one - what a response!

Issue one has started distribution around Australia. Thank you to all who have supported us. The response was far beyond one of what we expected. If you are waiting on your copy please be patient as due to the high volume of orders than anticipated they are a little slow getting out there. We apologise for this inconvenience but guarantee that we are prepared for future issues.

We look forward to your feedback and comments. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have a story to share or an article of interest. Join us on Facebook and send us a pic of you with your newzine, you may even see it published and find a great prize heading your way.

Thanks all for your support. We look forward to sharing a positive year with you.

Jennifer and Sam