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Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration

Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration
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Friday, July 2, 2010

July - A celebration of half a year of Good Gabble Newzine

  July sees us celebrating 6 months of Good Gabble. What a journey! The support has been amazing and without this support I would not be writing this. A huge thank you to all our contributors, those who have donated some wonderful prizes and subscribers. We hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as we have and look forward to having you on board for a lot longer.

  This month we have a fantastic subscription offer - the chance to get two months for the price of one.Buy 1 get 2, buy 2 get 4 etc. This is for the month of July only.

  July sees us talking composting and worm farming. Both these go hand in hand so we felt it only sensible to give our readers an insight into both and consider working them alongside each other helping save landfill and enrich our soil.

 4 Ingredients joins us again sharing their fantastic new cook range that is sure to have you cooking a meal that leaves them drooling.

  You may have heard of Sam Moran, the yellow wiggle, but have you heard his debut solo album. When I heard it in the shop I just couldn't leave without purchasing a copy. This lead me to making contact with Sam and I am pleased to announce that he has kindly donated a copy of his album for one lucky reader to win.

  During the last month I had the pleasure of attending the show of Circus Olympia and writing a review which can be read at In our July issue of Good Gabble we look at life within the circus and what it means to live in a circus community.

  This months issue has grown to a huge 42 pages with next months being a whopping 46 pages. Each month we grow and grow with the demand being way beyond our expectations.

  Grab your copy of Good Gabble Newzine, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and treat yourself to a dose of positivity. We guarantee it will leave you smiling!

Maths Brainteaser - 'How many campers?" July Issue

Camp Pineveiw's cook, Margaret Johnson, was just about to begin preparing the picnic lunch for all the campers. She already knew she needed to fill 55 bowls of the same size and capacity with the same amount of food. When she was done, she decided to read the guidelines for the picnic, just out of curiosity. The guidelines said:

1. Every camper gets their own bowl of soup.
2. Every two campers will get one bowl of spaghetti to share.
3. Every three campers will get one bowl of salad to share.
4. All campers are required to have their own helping of salad, spaghetti, and soup.

After some rapid calculations, Margaret was able to figure out how many campers were going to the picnic. Can you?


If there were only six campers, there would be six bowls of soup, three bowls of spaghetti, and two bowls of salad.


30 campers