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Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration

Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Issue 28 Out Now!

Positive Prattle From The Desk Of The Editor

How quickly two months seems to fly. Here we are again meeting over another issue of positivity.

This month we are pleased to be able to introduce you to our regular contributors. On pages 32 and 33 you will find a photo of each writer, along with a short bio on who they are and what they do. Please take the time to click on their link and drop them a quick friendly hello. Let them know you read their articles in Good Gabble and thank them for their contribution. We do not pay our contributors, all submit their articles out of the goodness of their heart. We value their time and commitment and cannot thank them enough. Most have been with us from day one and have became valued friends. They are a valued part of our team, without them Good Gabble would not be what it is today. To them I send a heartfelt thank you!

This issue is once again filled with motivational articles that will not only have you thinking, but will have you leading a more enriched and positive life. I have included quiet a few short articles this issue as I feel these are as valuable as a long read. Sometimes we need just a snippet of information to get us back to where we want to be. With the busy schedules we lead time does not always allow us to interpret a large amount of information and use it wisely.

For a quick pick me up you may like to turn to page 7 where Michael Josephson looks at decisions and Bob Perks takes us on a trip down his memory lane, leaving us with a positive message.

This issue Kathy Baker shares with us A love letter ( pg 6 ) from her family history. How times have changed. This article bought a smile to my face and brightened my day.  The letter from A.M Patterson not only touched my heart but bought tears to my eyes. Do you think romance has died? Or has it just changed? Join the conversation on our Facebook page under the photo of Kathy’s article or email us at We would love to hear your opinion.

With December, and Christmas nearly upon us I thought it a good idea that we remind ourselves of the little things we can do to make a difference to our environment at this time of the year. On page 10 Alison Brooks from gives us some Christmas eco tips.

Do you procrastinate? I surely do. Every issue of Good Gabble comes to you after a lot of procratinating on my behalf. On page 14 Ron Prasad helps us to overcome our procastination. I will surely be putting his tips to good use.

Until next issue I wish everyone days full of happiness, joy and positive experiences. When life seems tough and times are hard remember we are only an email or Facebook like away, and that the next issue of Good Gabble is just around the corner. We love hearing from all our readers so keep the emails coming.

Live Well.......Love much....Laugh often.......

Jennifer Deaves

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Issue 27 Out Now.

Welcome to the latest issue of Good Gabble, your free dose of positivity.

This issue once again see's us bringing you lots of great stories on the life's of people and the good that is happening around the world. We look at the angels amongst us as we report on a wedding that was pulled off through good will and kind donations of business's and citizens alike. Clara Wersterfer shares the love of George and Edith as they deal with Alzheimer's in her article For The Love Of Edith and touches on love in her article A Huntin' I Won't Go.

Also in this issue we meet Australian author Lynette Duffy and learn of her two children's books, Monster and My Friend Inchy, that are touching the lives of children. Kathy Baker shares the cookbook Grilling Vegan Style which is written by her friend John Schlimm.

So once again it is time to put the kettle on, put your feet up and fill your heart with the positivity of life.

Live well......Love much......Laugh often......

Jennifer Deaves
Managing Editor

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Issue 27 Puzzle Solutions

Sunday, August 5, 2012


We would like to apologize for the tardiness in keeping this site regularly updated. With the success of Good Gabble worldwide the workload has grown which means our small team find it difficult to fit in the updating of this site. We are currently seeking someone who is willing to volunteer a few hours of their time once a month to this cause.

With the growth of email submissions and subscriptions we have also seen a need to make Good Gabble a
bi monthly magazine. Next issue is out mid August 2012.  This will enable us to answer and attend to all emails whilst ensuring we maintain the high quality of information within our magazine.

Good Gabble is free in pdf, with the cost of a hard copy falling short of the publishing cost. Money received from advertising helps us meet this shortfall. All who work on our magazine volunteer their skills and time. As we go into the second half of year three we would like to thank all for their time and support. It is these like minded people who help us continue to grow in strength and unity.

With the support of our contributors, followers and subscribers we get closer to our dream of a world where positivity is the norm and negativity is long forgotten.

We look forward to receiving any enquiries and feedback you may have:

Friday, April 13, 2012

World Circus Day April 21st 2012

3rd WORLD CIRCUS DAY April 21st, 2012 
FÉDÉRATION MONDIALE du CIRQUE under the Patronage of HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco 

CIRCUS JOSEPH ASHTON is once again proud to be associated with this exciting celebration organised by the Fédération Mondiale du Cirque. World Circus Day is held to high-light the importance of Circus in our cultural life and to remind people that it is important to protect and support this vital and ever-evolving art form.

To celebrate, CIRCUS JOSEPH ASHTON is holding an Art Exhibition and Silent Auction of art-works in their foyer tent in front of the Big Top at LANGLEY PARK, RIVERSIDE DRIVE, PERTH on Saturday April 21st, 2012, from 12 noon to 10pm.

The invited and acclaimed artists all have a connection to the circus. The artists are:

Darren Turner (WA) is a photographer who also moonlights (or is it the other way around?) with the Flying Trapeze school in Melville.

Abi Thompson (Vic) is the mother of a free-lance circus performer. She works in various media, including fibre, print-making and painting. 

Mitzi Alison Tilley (NSW) works in a variety of media and has a special connection to the world of circus: her sister Nikki Ashton is the mother of the eponymous Joseph Ashton of Circus Joseph Ashton. Surprisingly enough, this is the first time Mitzi has done anything with a circus theme. 

Jules Uhlmann (WA) generally does works on paper and is collaborating with Paul Uhlmann, a painter and print-maker, for this exhibition.

 Steve Makse (WA) is a painter with a connection to the circus: his portrait of Kim Upton, contortionist, was hung in the City of Perth Black Swan Prize for Portraiture last year.

 Judith Roche (WA) works mainly in oil and acylic and this exhibition is largely her idea!

And for the kids there will be a Children’s Art Competition held under the Big Top on Saturday 21st during the 2pm performance. Children attending the circus are invited to bring along their painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed-media, etc, circus-themed art. There will also be paper and drawing materials provided before the performance for those children who haven’t heard about the competition. It is completely free to enter and there will be prizes for 3 age groups: 0-6, 7-10, and 11-15.

For more information on the Art Exhibition and Children’s Art Competition you can ring Pixi on 04056 77936 or email her at

 For more information on World Circus Day go to: where you will be able to follow the links to discover what World Circus Day activities are being held near you.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Issue 24 February 2012 Out Now!

Hows your mind?

Do you struggle with positive thoughts. In today's society we are constantly bombarded with negativity. There are the negative comments made to us by others, the negative actions of those we relate to on a daily basis and the negativity that is thrown at us via mainstream media. It is unrealistic for us to think that we can be positive at all times. We need to accept that as tiredness sets in the negativity around us is harder to keep at bay. When times seem tough it is not always possible to pick up the positivity automatically. All we can do is relax, not allowing the negativity to take control. We need to recognise the early warning signs when they creep up and kiss the negativity goodbye.

This month, on page 9, we bring you an article on how to surround yourself with positive people. This includes 5 great tips on how to find a more positive you via those around you. It looks at focusing on your own behaviour, evaluating the people in your life and seeking companions who are positive. A short article but a great one to refresh your mind and get you back on track.

To compliment this article Peter Nicholls helps us learn how to promote positive human behaviour. Turn to page 10 where Peter looks at both the positive and negative human behaviours and how they influence us.

Have you been struggling a little already this year? If so turn to page 11 where Ron Prasad sets out to inspire us to achieve more in his article 7 steps to creating a more rewarding 2012.

This month sees us end our second year of Good Gabble and begin our third. One dream,one team and the unity of those who are like minded have allowed us to fill our world with supportive contributors and readers who we admire and appreciate. Thank you all! Here's to many, many more issues.

If we can do it so can you!

Believe in yourself and the power of your mind. One only need dream to achieve.

Until next month: Live Well.......Love much........Laugh Often........

Jennifer Deaves

Brainteaser solution Issue 24 February 2012

Q: What vegetable is sold only as fresh, never as frozen, canned, processed or cooked.

A: Lettuce

Puzzle Solutions Issue 24 Feb 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 2012 Issue Out Now!

Within this issue of Good Gabble you will find articles that we hope will inspire and help you start your new year with a spring in your walk and positivity in your soul.

Every year  many of us welcome a new year with a resolution and every year we do not see it through. On page 6 Charles Marcus discusses 11 ways to make this year your best year yet. Page 13 takes a brief look at the new years resolution with Beata Kulistskaya showing us 30 ways we can enhance our new years resolutions using Feng Shui.

Of course this year sees all of our regular contributors join us, sharing their positive wisdom, thoughts and feelings. On page 11 Michael T Smith tells us why things could be worse and Carlos Devillalvilla gives us an insight into families in his article Gene Envy on page 12.  Do you believe in Karma? Turn to page 14 where Dave Block shares his insight in his article Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You.

Moving onto the ladies, Kathy Baker joins us again from Texas USA sharing a heartbreaking yet enlightening story of her dog Siloh and her passing. This story not only brought tears to my eyes but touched my heart in a way I least expected. On a lighter note Melody Moon joins us on page 17 with her inspirational article Loving What’s Around The Corner.

We look forward to traveling with you on your journey through 2012 and wish you a year full of an abundance of love, laughter, friends, family and good times.

Live Well.......Love much........Laugh Often........

Jennifer Deaves

Issue 23 January 2012 Puzzle solutions