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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yeast Diet, A Natural Cure - Cookbook And Meal Planning

* Book review as published in Good Gabble April 2011

In her e-book Yeast Diet A Natural Cure, Cookbook and Meal Planning, Whitney Frazier  introduces us to the issue of yeast within our system and the result of overload. She shows us how to plan a simple meal, bringing us back on the right track. Included within her e-book is a link to a free online Candida test that asks simple non evasive questions, only taking a minute to complete. Based on your answers you are given an indication of whether yeast is an issue in your life, allowing you to seek further medical advice, taking necessary action that could possibly change your life forever.

Showing symptoms of yeast overload? Keep track of these symptoms using the link that takes you to the Symptoms Tracking Spreadsheet. This tracker allows you to stay motivated, giving a visual progress of your control.

Weight loss whilst on the yeast free diet is often a goal of many. With this in mind Whitney has made the achievement of this goal easier to track. Her link to the downloadable Weight Loss Tracking Spreadsheet allows you to keep track of your weight loss, motivating you to keep on striving forward.

Included in the cookbook is a list of foods to avoid and foods that are ‘legal’. All meals are covered including dressings, mixes and sauces, with plenty of ideas for snacks. With bread being the biggest struggle for myself I was pleased to see recipes that provided alternative options and links to online bakeries who support the yeast free market, although at this current time this meets the needs of the U.S market only.

Whitney writes “A Yeast Free Diet takes some thoughtful consideration and advanced preparation. and that is why we created this book!”

As one who struggles daily to control my diet, in an society where most items have yeast or are yeast related, Whitneys book has simplifyed my life and put me back in control. Informative, easy to understand and follow and full of inspiring and tasty recipes Yeast Diet A Natural Cure Cookbook And Meal Planning has changed the way I look at food, allowing me to enjoy what I eat and stay in good health.

Available only as an e-book I would like to see this book also offered as a hardcopy. Although you can print the e-book I do not feel that having sheets of paper in your kitchen which you have placed in a folder or plastic sleeves is as easy to work from or presents as nicely as a hard copy book. I would have also liked to have been able to sit down one evening when the kids are in bed and all is quiet and absorb the informative information the cookbook contains, but then I am not one who is favourable of this new e-book technology, so all may not agree.

You can purchase an immediately downloadable copy of Yeast Diet A Natural Cure, Cookbook And Meal Planning by Whitney Frazier at For a limited time only with each purchase you will also receive a free copy of Whitney’s new book ‘Yeast Free Crock Pot Recipes’.

Visit Whitney’s site and sign up for her newsletter where you will receive regular free recipes to help you along the way.

Yeast Diet A Natural Cure, Cookbook And Meal Planning  is more than just a yeast free cookbook and diet plan. It is a wholistic program with easy no fuss steps to a healthy more happy you.

Review by Jennifer Deaves

Saturday, April 9, 2011

World Circus Day

Bringing The Pazzaz of Showtime Back Into The Lives Of Families

World Circus Day is on Saturday 16th April 2011. This day provides families all over the world with the opportunity to celebrate the magic of the circus. Only in it's second year eight countries ( Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Sweden, USA ) will be participating holding events that celebrate an industry that has entertained families for many years.

“The World Circus Federation aims to bolster the Public’s awareness of Circus, and its prominent and popular place in Artistic offerings around the world.” says John Le Mare from The Circus Federation of Australia.

Families are encouraged to support the circus and show recognition and thanks to an industry that is often wrongly judged. They may wish to stage a special event, take the kids to the circus, throw a circus party, dress up like a clown, join a circus fan association or create your own circus, complete with the family pets.

In support of World Circus Day Aladdin's Circus Ticketing will donate $1.00 for every circus seat booked through their online system  ( ) for performances on World Circus Day 2011. Donations will be split between The World Circus Federation  ( ) and The Circus Federation of Australia ( ).

For those local to Canberra Webers Circus will be holding an open circus workshop featuring training with lyra, juggling and hula hoops. This will be held on World Circus Day from 10am – 12 pm at Belconnen. For further information email or phone 0448247287.

article Jennifer Deaves

Stardust Circus courtesy of Sam Lo Photography

Friday, April 8, 2011

 Each month in Good Gabble Newzine we publish articles by regular contributors. Here we showcase an article by Melody Moon that was published in our April issue. Melody  is an inspiring up and coming Australian singer-songwriter. Her acoustic folk/ indie songs are delicate and empowering and take you on a captivating journey of the heart. Within Good Gabble she shares her skills as a writer and a photographer. Subscribe to Good Gabble today to grab your monthly dose of Melody Moon.


I stand in the empty forest, my body tingling with awe and my mind serenaded with an instant sense of calm. There is nowhere else to be but right here, in this moment. The trees are alive and moving vigorously with the wind. I watch my darkened feet soften into the earth as I’m filled with an unmistakeable feeling of connection, of being part of something.

One of the exciting things about this ‘day and age’ we’re living in is the increasing convenience of travel. On a whim we can be over the other side of the country, or even the world (with a minimal amount of planning). Flights are cheap and accessible. Hitchhiking and car-pooling may be at a low, but these more self-indulgent forms of travel are ever the more at our disposal.

There is certainly less and less pull to stay here, to remain in the area we were raised and serve our families and communities. Family run businesses are giving in to corporate international companies.  Underpaid casual jobs are in abundance. And the ever-expanding web industry provides increasing opportunities to support a nomadic lifestyle. You don’t even have to be in the same country as your client- yes this technology still blows my mind! 

We are free. Free to explore the wild unknown, other cultures, traditions, different ways of looking at things, and with that: an opportunity to further explore ourselves. We can break free from our social conditioning, from the stories we were told about how to act and what to believe. We can release ourselves from those that were created for us and those we fashioned ourselves to make sense of the world we were living in. We can make a new sense, one that falls more deeply in tune with our own values, with what we really feel. Our own truth.

For me, this has been an incredibly liberating experience. I took off 3 years ago to travel, to be by myself in nature with the intention of healing and renewing my spirit. I wanted to remember my true self, to feel wild and free again. I quit the abundance of jobs I had gathered in the city, packed up my sharehouse, took most of my possessions back to the op shop, and crammed the rest into my new moving home. I said goodbye to my friends and family, and left indefinitely -on the long road; just myself, a guitar and a bundle of blank pages I’d bound into a journal. ‘A journey on wheels, but mostly of the heart, moving forward, but leading back to the start’ I remember writing. I was leaving to return to who I was.

I was a child who knew the beauty of the world, and my own worth. The child who sang songs to the moon and found delight in the tiny patterns of flower pedals. I was spontaneous and brave. At 8 years I was a considerable dag. I could tell ridiculous jokes and giggle about them hysterically even if no one else found them funny. I would model to my friends and family, pretending to be Elle McPherson, without a care what they were thinking. I don’t even remember their reactions now. I must’ve been quite oblivious. I must’ve felt secure, like I belonged. It didn’t cross my mind that I should worry about things, and perhaps change who I was or what I was doing. I was safe and at home.

But moving into adolescence the ground underneath became a little shaky. I was gradually besieged by the fears of modern society. My friends and I who’d once shared wonderful moments of life; mutual appreciation for each other’s talents and aptitude for laughter,  now found ourselves in covert competition for approval and ‘cool’ness. Trying to fit into the guidelines and restrictions of outside trends to feel we somehow belonged.
There was little room for compliments anymore, and support-giving and encouragement a rare find. At such a life-shaping time in our development, we found ourselves in a sea of insecurity; swimming desperately to avoid the harshness of judgement- trying to survive in the toxic social environment. And somehow attempting to preserve a little of our own individuality.

Things were presented as tremendously black and white, not like the poetry I’d written as a child, and the beautiful colours I saw in the world then. There had become a right and a wrong way, and I didn’t particularly agree with this assumption. I knew that the outside rules and expected beliefs didn’t have much meaning to me and that there was a greater knowing underneath that far exceeded any ‘truths’ imposed upon me. We are all unique and have infinite wisdom inside us.

I left my home in the ‘outside’ world to come back to my home ‘inside’; to come back to my place of knowing.  And what a rewarding venture it was. I allowed myself to sit alone in the forest and listen to the birds, to breathe in the beauty of nature. I danced under waterfalls and skipped through the ocean waves. I followed intuition. I began writing songs from my heart, and now expressing my deepest feelings. Words flowed out like honey, soothing and healing. My truth was coming back to me. I was remembering who I was and what I really believed. I’d sing the messages I’d receive from nature and my deep self. I began living my own truth. And with this, I seemed to gather a sense of contentment that came with me wherever I went: my home.

I returned to my friends and family feeling so much lighter. I’d found my base within, and living from my truth I also found it easier to connect with others. My appreciation for them had grown greatly, and I could now share my unique gifts more fully with them.

This is my path now. I’ve given away with the security of having an outside home. I’ve chosen to remain a traveller- touring Australia and sharing my songs. I allow myself to follow whims and be spontaneous like I was when I was a child. I return to nature and write songs. I make space for this inner voice as I move from place to place.

However, this bounty of freedom can sometimes lend itself to uncertainty; an unsettling feeling of ‘not quite knowing where home is anymore’. And maybe this is the catch of living in such a convenient and independent age. It’s easy to lose a sense of who we are, especially if we never settle long enough to be involved- to feel part of the community, or part of something greater.

We must find connection somewhere. Whatever lifestyle we choose, we must each find our own sense of home: that place where we feel connected, like our true selves.

I close my eyes and take in the magic of the forest, my roots softening into the earth below. My breath brings me gently into this moment. I am here now. This is my home.

article: Melody Moon

Visit Melody at

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Issue 15 April 2011


Happy Easter/Anzac Day!
This month sees Good Gabble readers who reside in Australia celebrating a long weekend for two reasons, Easter and Anzac Day. A time to celebrate and a time to remember those who gave their time and life to give us what we have today. We wish all a safe long weekend.

   With the long weekend upon us we introduce you to the Driver Fatigue Alarm, a device that is helping save lives on our roads. This device, that is motion sensored, is worn by the driver and alerts of any micro sleeps. Our review and further details can be read within this months issue. We also have 4 alarms to give away to 4 lucky readers. We urge all to consider this great device and how it could save the lives of your family. Jump online and grab an alarm before you hit the road this month.Don't forget to let them know that Good Gabble Newzine sent you.

Over the past few months I have been reading and researching a lot about egg donation in Australia and have been lucky enough to talk to Jessica Patterson who donates her eggs, helping others complete their families. Jessica is a women with a huge heart who offers her time and puts her body through a lot, yet asks for nothing. In Australia you cannot be paid for the donation of your eggs, it is purely an act of love. Read Jessica's story in this months issue.

Moving away from our magazine and onto our computer I would like to welcome all new members to our Facebook site. The last month has seen a huge increase in membership and activity. Please pop on in and make all feel welcome.

Do you know of a business that is looking for low cost yet effective advertising? We currently have an offer that we are sure is the best advertising offer on the market. For the next few months a quarter page advertisement in Good Gabble for 12 months will be the one low cost of $70. This is in celebration of our new publication Rattling Reviews which will hit the market, being distributed free, in August.

You can find out more about Rattling Reviews and pick up your free subscription at

We hope all readers have a month that is just as amazing as they are!

Live well.......Love much..........Laugh often................

Jennifer Deaves

Puzzle Solutions issue 15 April 2011

Issue 15 April 2011 Brainteaser

After the recent snail racing contest, the four contestants were congratulating each other. Only one snail wore the same number as the position it finished in. Alfred's snail wasn't painted yellow nor blue, and the snail who wore 3, which was painted red, beat the snail who came in third. Arthur's snail beat Anne's snail, whereas Alice's snail beat the snail who wore 1. The snail painted green, Alice's, came second and the snail painted blue wore number 4. Anne's snail wore number 1. Can you work out who's snail finished where, its number and the colour it was painted?

# Owner|Wore|Colour
1 Alfred   3       red
2 Alice     2      green
3 Arthur   4      blue
4 Anne     1      yellow