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Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration

Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Issue 8 September 2010

       As the months pass Good Gabble only continues to grow with this issue containing 50 pages. Thank you to our supporters, old and new, from around the globe. It would not be possible without you.

    We are pleased to announce that from this month on Good Gabble will be printed on recycled paper, taking us one step closer to achieve our goal of a better world. This would not have been possible without the kind sponsorship of who have donated funds to cover 12 months of paper. Thank you Sporty Dogs for your support it is greatly appreciated.

  September also sees the start of a new regular feature where we will be sharing thoughts, feelings and messages from the Good Gabble Community. Here we will be able to share messages from our readers and keep all updated on what is happening on Facebook. Send your messages and comments to

  4 Ingredients is back with us this month sharing news of their fourth cookbook which sees them combine their culinary skills with the nutritional principles of Deepak Chopra. They also share their recipe for Indian Chickpea and Potato Patties, sure to please the whole family.

   This issue we meet Elizabeth Mellor on our Oozing Art page and Sandra Kay of Matters of the Heart Vol 1 shares a note. We celebrate Sustainable House Day with Roger Leang who takes us on a journey through his carbon neutral home. Blake Beattie helps us bounce back through hard times and we continue following the journey of running pink.

   All this plus much much more as we embrace another month with good thoughts and positivity.

  Live well........Love much................Laugh often..................

Lovatts Puzzles Solutions Issue 8 September 2010

Cartwheel Solution:

1. Apron  2. Nylon  3. Dozen  4. Lemon  5. Elton  6. Reign  7. Alien  8. Damon  9. Adorn  10. Mourn  11. Siren

Adam Sandler is the Actor.



September Brain Buster

There were 4 people sitting in a row, trying to win $50 from a riddle.

The one in front was wearing a red hat.
The second from the front was wearing a blue hat.
The third from the front was wearing a red hat.
The last was wearing a blue hat and is blind-folded.

Each of them were informed that they are all wearing a hat, the last person is blind-folded and that there are 2 red and 2 blue hats. if they can guess the color of their hat, then they win the prize.

There was a long silence, then one of them guessed the color of his hat correctly. Who was it?

(note that they can only see the person in front of them and are not allowed to turn around and see behind them.)

It was the second person. The first and last person cannot see other people at all, therefore it is either the third or second. The second person realised that if he and the person in front were wearing the same colored hat, the third person would be able to answer the color of his hat right away. However, since there was a long silence, then the color of the his hat and the person in front must be different.