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Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration

Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Issue 20 September 2011 Out Now!

Issue 20 September 2011

Positive Prattle From The Desk Of The Editor
What a month August has been for the Good Gabble team. It saw us run off our feet meeting new people, reading new article submissions and planning new regular features for upcoming issues. With this you may see a little change in the contents of Good Gabble over the next few months but we hope that we
will be able to provide you with fresh, inspirational and positive regular features that meet your liking.

To begin our changes you will notice that we have replaced the Lovatt’s Cartwheel puzzle with a Soduko puzzle for our number lovers. Our crossword has stayed, along with our usual fun kids page and our brainteaser and optical illusion can still be found in their regular place. We hope you enjoy our new puzzle and that it tests and helps develop your brain.

This month we bring you another jam packed magazine full of positivity. Once again we report on Oz On Foot and Flick Will Fix It who both do their job to spread cheer, good will and happiness across our nation. Melody Moon is with us again writing of her journey with her music and Little Hopes CD. Kathy Baker shares her story Loving Dana whilst our other regular Brenton Manser shares part nine of his series of articles.

Last month I spoke of the definition of happiness and we were given an insight into happiness by Peter Nicholls. We included a lot of happiness quotes and Ron Prasad shared his article The Power Of Attitude. I questioned if attitude was where our happiness could be found. This month I notice that happiness has yet again crawled it’s way into our magazine. Peter Nicholls again mentions happiness in his article What Is This Thing Called Happiness on page 17 whilst Steve Brunkhorst shares The Secret To Happiness on page 20.
Moving on to page 26 we find Consistent Happiness with David Cronin. Aaah! Happiness, such a postive thing and the place we all love to be.

My book review this month takes a look at Dick Smith’s Population Crisis. I hope you enjoy the review as much as I enjoyed reading the book. I was astounded by some of the facts and figures within the book and have been left feeling that I too must take some action to help our global situation. Read the book review on page 30 to find out more on my thoughts and feelings and to find out what Dick Smith has to say.

I have also been busy this month chatting to Ruth Glasgow from Genevieve Swimwear. Ruth is a lovely bubbly lady with a big heart who left me thinking about my attitude toward myself, my weight, my curves and my approach to the warmer weather. On page 10 I share my approach in the article You Are Beautiful!

So to all our readers and supporters I bid you an amazing month of love, warmth, sunshine and positivity. I will leave you this month with a laugh to carry with you wherever you go. Please take my laugh and place it close to your heart. If at any time you should feel times are grim or tough or life is being a
little unfair place this laugh at the bottom of your belly and let it roll right out the top. There is nothing like a huge belly laugh to brighten up a day.

Live well.........Love much........Laugh Often.........

Jennifer Deaves

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