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Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration

Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Issue 10 - November 2010

November issue 2010

Feature Issue " Beat The Christmas Budget"

    November issue has come with it's challenges as we have had a virus chew away at our computer. We are pleased to say that, although we thought we would be at least a week late, it is only two days late.

   This issue has seen Samanth Lo, who is usually behind our camera, meet the challenge of putting together her first issue of Good Gabble. When I set her the task of being in charge of our Beat The Budget Christmas Feature she was a little bit hesitant but faced up to the challenge and has produced a 22 page issue that I am sure all will enjoy. Congratulations Samantha!

 Inside our feature issue you will find handy hints that are sure to make your festive season brighter and leave a few extra dollars in your pocket. The girls from 4 Ingredients share their secrets to a successful Christmas, providing us with some yummy recipes. We have not forgotten our vegan readers with a double page spread of recipes suitable for the Christmas feast. There are heaps of ideas for homemade Christmas presents, ways to recycle your Christmas cards and turn them into worthwhile items and of course a page to get the kids celebrating.

   We have not forgotten all our regular features and contributors as this month, once again, we provide two newzines for the price of one. In our regular issue Donald Marmara speaks of Success, Failure and Motivation, we meet photographer Ralph Meznar, we visit Indonesia in our Feel Good Photo's and children's author Joel Hart introduces us to life as a writer and his new book Zoe's Puppy. For the chocolate lover we look at the benefits of chocolate, but who really needs an excuse to eat it, and we introduce our new regular page, Comfort Corner.

    November see's another jam packed issue full of love, positivity and a whole lot of fun.

Live well......Love much......Laugh often......

                                                                  Jennifer Deaves
                                                                 Managing Editor

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