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Good Gabble - Real people, real experiences, pure inspiration
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Monday, June 21, 2010

My response to Kelly Azuma's Clairvoyance reading as published in June Good Gabble Newzine

   In the current issue of Good Gabble ( June ) we published a clairvoyance reading done for us by Kelly Azuma. Below is my response to what Kelly told us.

 When Kelly first emailed me stating that Good Gabble had come to her when meditating I was at a loss as to where this place with a cliff was. Her mention of Greece, to me, seemed way off as I have had no association with Greece at any stage of my life and, as far as I am concerned, am not going to Greece. Upon saying that the message Kelly sent me played on my mind.

  A short time after recieving the full reading I was going through photo's on my computer and I came across a photo of Robe S.A, the birthplace of Good Gabble.  Sure enough there was a cliff, with a lighthouse which was our favourite spot that we often went to for photo's and a quiet moment. This lighthouse lead to the ocean and around it was a rocky island with an arc that they called the doorway. The houses dotted here and there that Kelly saw would have been those that were built along the waters edge.

Kelly's response when I sent her the photo:

OMG!!! Major shivers...that is the place!! Even the lighthouse is the same! OMG...
You know that is the first time this has happened to me, seeing a place so clearly like that.
Maybe it is because as you say it was the birthplace of Good Gabble, so that is why it seemed so important to come through.

Wow, you just made my day! :)
    To me seeing the photo and reading what Kelly had said sent a shiver up my spine and she had no idea that Good Gabble was born in Robe or I had even been to an area as she described.
    Kelly is correct in saying that Good Gabble is very close to my heart. The idea of Good Gabble was born within me as a need to rid myself of the negativity with society and the media, that I felt, was weighing me and my children down. When I mentioned it to my kids they became very excited and supportive and from their we grew. Today we are excited about every page we write looking for new innovative positive ideas to share with our readers and seeking those who really make a difference. 
   Kelly stated she felt I liked to lead a simple life and with this she is spot on.She was also correct in saying I believe in treating others as I would like to be treated as I try to live under the this motto. I believe that respect, honesty, compassion and understanding are important in all dealings with each other.
  Her mention of Tai Chi was unusual to me as I have never practiced Tai Chi nor is it an interest of mine, although it has been part of my life as Samantha has taken lessons at times and my ex husband was heavily into Tai Chi and martial arts.

  The word Tiger coming through in Chinese did not surprise me as my ex husband is Australian born Chinese and our son was born in the year of the Tiger.

  I was lost for words when I read Kelly's words " manifesting endless possibilities". These three words are ones that have been used often by Samantha and myself as Good Gabble has grown in strength. Reading these words written by someone who could have never know we use them astounded me and left me speechless.

   When I read of the lady with the floral perfume my immediate reaction was my grandmother as reading it triggered off my senses and Nanna's perfume, although I cannot recall her having an injury to her lower left leg. 

   The mention of athletic trophies was also an interesting one as although I have none myself my mother, who plays a special part in my life and is my advisor when I need it for Good Gabble, has a cabinet of trophies. Although these are mainly those received by her dogs who do flyball there are some of my fathers from ten pin bowling and cricket many years ago. 

  Over all Kelly's reading amazed me as there is no possible way she could have known any of the information she gave. Previous to this reading I have had very little contact with Kelly. Kelly came to Good Gabble via my finding her on the internet and asking if she would be interested in writing an article or two for me. Previous to this I have had no contact with her and during this time our emails where those of a professional nature. 

  Thank you Kelly for your outstanding reading and a look into the future of Good Gabble. With your reading in mind Good Gabble will continue to stay close to my heart as I endeavour to grow a community within that provides warmth, love, acceptance and understanding to all who contribute and subscribe.

  I have only covered a basic rundown of the reading here. If anyone has any questions on parts I may have missed please leave me a comment and I will answer with honesty.
                                                Jennifer Deaves



  1. You're welcome, Jennifer :)

  2. wow thats great feedback! What a great reading Kelly! Way to go! xx